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The assembly team is well versed in a number of traditional and custom case good builds including credenza’s, conference table bases, lecterns, media walls and many other unique furniture pieces.

Banding (Linear & Contour)

Our edge banding units utilize an advanced hot-melt adhesive designed for immediate curing and lasting results. We have a variety of machines including Homag Straight-line banders along with SNX Contour banders. These machines are able to edge linear and curvilinear surfaces in a variety of PVC and ABS edge banding.


  • CNC Panel Saw: Each of our Holzma panels saws are outfitted with Cad Matic software used to identify optimal yield while ripping each panel to desired specifications. CNC Panel Saws are able to hold tight tolerances which are ideal for cut-to-size orders.

  • CNC Router: DWP has a number of Homag and Weeke Routers that are able to convert CAD data into workable programs to machine a variety of worksurfaces and case good components, while also holding tight tolerances. Each machine is equipped with vertical and horizontal drilling as well as vertical and horizontal routing capability.


DWP’s Pack-out unit is dedicated to securing outgoing shipments in accordance to each customer’s specification. Each order can be packaged for a broad range of destinations whether traveling to a warehouse, jobsite, or residential area via bulk pack and individually boxing programs

Panel Lamination

The press line allows us to send a desired piece of substrate through a set of rollers that apply a PVA adhesive designed and tested for optimal strength and durability over time.  High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is applied to the face and sent into either a hot or cold press, which ultimately bonds the decorative face to each substrate.

Office & Commercial
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