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Who We Are

Committed to Excellence Since 1993 

Established in 1993 by brothers Jeff and Craig Braam, Dynamic Wood Products was founded on a simple idea: to design and create quality wood products to fit the customer's specifications. Jeff and Craig saw a need in the industry for a custom job shop, in which products could be offered to fit the needs of the customer, no job too big or small. Through this vision, Dynamic Wood Products was born. From the start DWP has been a family owned and operated business. In fact, for the first decade a majority of our employees were family, working in small sheet metal barn.  


Although our roots are humble, our positive reputation in the community and amongst our customers has endured since day one. It is this track record of quality products and service that has fueled our growth. Since our founding over 25 years ago, our growth has been exponential both in our scope and our reach. Today we operate with over 100 (?) employees at a combined 15,000 square foot site (?). Despite our growth as an organization, our foundational philosophy has not wavered. Today we offer a wide variety of products and services that can even better advance our mission to satisfy your needs with our tailored manufactured products. Dynamic Wood Products is proud to approach every customer with the same small town, family owned roots in which we came from and continue to maintain, while offering the most advanced products the industry has to offer.

At Dynamic Wood Products we pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience for our customers. Although hard work and effective manufacturing methods are important components of producing quality products and satisfied customers, we believe there is much more to crafting success. We strive to cultivate an internal culture that emphasizes the pursuit of excellence. Excellence means approaching all we do as an organization and as individuals with a meticulous, yet achievable standard. Excellence cannot be pursued on its own, however. Rather, it is achieved through meeting our organizational values. We believe that by living up to our four organizational values, excellence is met, a robust organizational culture emerges, and ultimately, our customers are provided the best possible experience.               

Our Core Values



Behaving honorably even when no one is watching; committing our organization and employees to ethical behavior despite the circumstances  


Pledging our organization and employees to treat customers and coworkers in a way we ourselves would like to be treated; building a culture of individual value and purpose 


Committing to put our best foot forward in all we do; manufacturing and assembling reliable products that we are proud to put our name on  


Constantly seeking ways to improve our methods; pursuing solutions to problems big and small; promoting dialogue that values new, bold ideas 

Our Mission & Vision

Our Values


Aiming to satisfy business' unique needs with our tailored manufactured products



To see that businesses around the world have the products they need to thrive

Learn About Our Emphasis on Sustainability     

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