We have various types of CNC and other automated machines that are capable of producing high quality products at an efficient rate.

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Press Line


Press Line


CNC Panel Saw

Panel Saw



Our press line starts with a feed through panel cleaner that removes debris as it enters the glue spreader. The core material moves into a manual clamp that guides the substrate over phenolic backer and HPL is applied. The layed up panel is fed into the hot press by an automated conveyour belt to cure the panel for the next operation.






The Holtzma HPP 350 rips the laminated panels to a desired length and width. Its cutting software gives the operator the abillity to program each individual part to optomize for the preferred yield.

CNC Routers

Our routing capabillities provide precise machining to meet our customers standards and increase efficiency. We can handle all orders large and small. 

Onsrud 1

ON 1

Onsrud 2

ON 2

Dual Process Onsrud

Dual P

Feed through Boring


Linear Edgebanding

We have two Homag linear edgebanders that are able to apply 1mm, self-edge, 2mm and 3mm pvc to the edge of particle board as well as MDF.